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Project Lead

Dr. Christine Knott is an interdisciplinary scholar with degrees in Anthropology (BA), Women’s Studies (BA and MWS), Sociology (PhD). She is currently an Assistant Professor at San Diego State University, as well as a co-investigator with the Ocean Frontier Institute (OFI), working with the Future Ocean and Coastal Infrastructures – FOCI, Inclusion, Social Justice & Equity in Urban and Rural Coastal Communities research group. She is also an Ocean Nexus Center Research Associate.


Christine’s current research builds on her previous work aiming to better understand the broader social and ecological ramifications of current gendered and racialized labour processes within resource extraction and processing industries. Key areas of interest are the ways the oceans and coastal communities are reconfigured through interactions with political, ecological, economic, and corporate influences along multiple scales, and the implications of (often gendered and racialized) corporate growth strategies on rural and remote coastal communities, work quality, employment-related mobility, and citizen as well as animal rights.


These areas of exploration allow Dr. Knott to investigate interactions among resource dependent communities, government policies, global corporate capitalism, labour mobility regimes, and animal enclosure and commodification. 

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