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With the mission of informing governance responses for a changing ocean, this research project is led by Dr. Gerald Singh and counts with Dr. Christine Knott as part of the research team. To them, “policy relevant” means actively working with policy-makers to design and communicate research and not only conducting research hoping for uptake. Key to this mission are the following priorities: i) assess cumulative anthropogenic impacts on the environment and consequences to people; ii) determine priority policy actions and plans to achieve complex sustainable development objectives; iii) promote risk assessment and decision support for environmental and sustainable development policy an uncertain world; and iv) work closely with policy-makers in setting up research programs and actively taking part in calls for expert consultation. All while acknowledging that robust methods are important for rigorous work and that people have a fundamental role to play in the future of oceans.

The research team conducts policy-relevant interdisciplinary science to inform regional, national and international initiatives around climate change adaptation and mitigation, and sustainable development in the marine and ocean policy realm. They seek to develop research that is credible, legitimate, and salient to policy-makers and communities and to have the greatest impact on policy development and sustainable ocean futures. They strive to conduct solutions-oriented research, focusing on research that informs what to do about problems rather than diagnosing problems themselves. They utilize a combination of quantitative and qualitative research approaches in highly collaborative interdisciplinary teams to achieve our mission. 



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